Notice for registration as standing list for the Consulting Services

Nepal Telecommunications Authority
Notice for registration as standing list for the Consulting Services
(First date of publication- 28/09/2022)

As per the provision of Bylaw 22 of Nepal Telecommunications Authority Procurement Bylaw, 2073, Rural Telecom Development Section, Nepal Telecommunications Authority (NTA) intends to maintain a roaster of experts for the following services. The standing list will be valid throughout the fiscal year 2079/80.

  1. Software Development
  2. Procurement Advice
  3. Financial Advice
  4. Network Design for Rural Area
  5. Survey, study, monitoring, inspection and Certification of Broadband/Optical Network
  6. Rural Telecom Infrastructure
  7. Digital Financial Services in Rural Area
  8. Research and Development of different telecommunication technologies and services for Rural People
  9. Impact Assessment and Post Project Evaluation
  10. ICT Development in Rural Area
  11. Development/Advise of Legal, policy, Institutional/Regulatory Framework

The applicant as independent consultant or through a consulting firm who wishes to be included in roaster of Rural Telecom Development Section, Nepal Telecommunications Authority (NTA) has to submit the attested copy of the following document along with application to register as standing list for the consulting services with the aforementioned details by an individual expert/person/firm/company in the following address.

  1. The Company Registration Certificate (in case of firm)
  2. Value Added Tax Certificate
  3. Tax Clearance Certificate till Fiscal Year 2078/79
  4. Business Certificate (if applicable)
  5. Company Profile (in case of firm)
  6. Curriculum Vitae (in case of individual)
  7. At least Bachelor’s Degree Certificate in related field ((in case of individual)

NTA reserves the right to accept or reject any applicant or to annul the whole process and shall be free from not only any liabilities incurred by any of the affected individuals or firms but also from any obligation to inform the individuals or firms of the ground for such action.

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